Saturday, June 24, 2023

 This week I have 3 New products (2 of which) are CU/PU . This month has been all about music and this week is no exception ! I have for you all 3 great products ! 

Available at both Scrapgirls and Gingerscraps

First I have some PU Photo Blend Masks !

These masks are great for some quick easy pages .. Here are some great examples to show you the great versatility they have.

Next up I have for the brush lover some music note brushes ... there are 17 Great Large brushes for use in Photoshop or photoshop Elements . Don't have photoshop ? This collection of brushes has 17 individual PNG files for use in any program ! These are PU/CU

Lastly I have Some vintage music sheets ! These are PU/CU 

Here is a sneak peek of what is coming up Next week on June 30th 

Have a Great Weekend !

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